Boys with Successful NC Trip

The 01/02 and 03/04 Boys teams traveled to Winston-Salem

NC to compete in the Triad Elite Beat the Heat Tournament on April 21,22.

Here’s a quick look back at the game rundowns:

2001/2002 Boys:

Game 1:  Saturday – 9:30am vs Piedmont Triad FC.  This was a well-played match that featured a legitimate back-and-forth type of momentum.  Each team had multiple scoring options.  Within the first 5 minutes of the match, PTFC took a nice arching shot that appeared to be destined to the top corner.  At the last moment possible, Carson Cvechko made an incredible one-handed save.  Each team dealt with moments that appeared a break thru would occur, but the other sides defense and goal keeper denied them.  Result was a 0-0 Tie.

Game 2:  Saturday – 12:30pm vs 00 North Carolina FC.  From the very beginning of the match it was physical.  NCFC is one of the largest and well-known clubs in NC as it’s a recent combination of CASL (Charlotte Area Soccer League) and Triad FC.  This familiarity with local referee’s was on full display.  Both teams had no issues matching each others opportunities and physical play.  The one issue which arose was questionable decisions made by the referee’s.  There were so many colors on display from officials (yellow and red cards) that you began to feel as if you were hitting every stop light in town.  FC33 was given the only Red, and it proved to have lasting effects.  Against a stacked-deck, the boys fought to an additional 0-0 Tie.

Game 3:  Saturday – 3:30pm vs Legacy FC (WV).  Yes, you read that correctly.  This was the 3rd game of the day in the Saturday sunshine.  Already a player down from the Red card given in the previous game, other injuries and pure exhaustion took it’s toll.  What should have been a good match-up between the clubs, who each beat the other during the indoor season, turned out to be an easy win for Legacy.  At one point in the match, FC33 was playing with ONLY 9 players on the field due to exhaustion, cramps, and other injuries against a full-sided Legacy team. The boys still played admirably and only fell 0-3.

Game 4:   Sunday – 9:30am vs 01 North Carolina FC.  The FC33 boys had a decent showing in the match, but were still dealing with the previous days injuries.  Again, playing with a shortened bench, 33 was unable to generate enough offense to keep up the pace with the NCFC Nitro team.  Dakota Taylor was able to knock a loose ball into the goal off a corner kick, but it wasn’t enough as the boys lost 1-4.

2003/2004 Boys:

Game 1:   Saturday – 8:00am vs 02 North Carolina FC United.  This match proved to be the match of the weekend in this division.  It was a tightly contested game which saw FC33 score the 1st goal of the match.  Back and forth it continued into the second half.  Again, 33 created a more scoring opportunities and finished with a 2-1 Win.

Game 2:  Saturday – 3:30pm vs Piedmont Triad FC Silver.  From the first whistle, FC33 took charge and never let up.  The boys displayed a great understanding of how to set up an opponent thru possession to create striking chances.  The boys took advantage of them and netted a 6-1 Win.

Game 3:  Sunday – 8:00am vs 03 North Carolina FC Chelsea.  This match will not be lost in the memory of the squad.  They continued from their last match with excellent patience at times staying connected and creating good scoring opportunities.  The main issue which arose was the phenomenal play of the opposing goal keeper.  He clearly kept his team in the match as he notched upwards of 20+ saves.  In the final moments of the match, it appeared 33 broke thru with a goal as the ball was retrieved from the back corner of the net.  What was initially judged to be a goal was quickly overturned, and the final whistle blew to end the game in a frustrating 0-0 Tie.

Game 4:  Sunday – 3:30pm vs 03 North Carolina FC Visigoths.  The boys started slowly and played what may have been their worst match of the tournament, for the first 50 minutes that is.  The defensive back line and keeper Wade Britton stayed strong while the rest of the group struggled to find a rhythm.  Finally, in the last 20 minutes, the connectivity and spacing was back on display.  The offense continued to create good chances, and controlled the field.  The final result was a 2-0 Win.  The victory insured that FC33 went undefeated in their bracket with 3 Wins and a Tie.

2003/2004 Boys