Cruise Raffle!

FC33 has launched a new fundraiser to help keep expenses as low as possible, while also providing an opportunity for it’s members to receive direct benefit for their participation.

The club is offering the FC33CruiseRaffle.  The main prize of this raffle is a 5/day 4/night cruise for 2 passengers and $1,000 cash!  Tickets are being sold in $20 increments.  A $20 donation will purchase 10 Tickets for the raffle.  A $40 donation will purchase 30 Tickets, and a $60 donation will equate to 60 Tickets.  You can buy as many tickets as you like and as often as you like!

Everyone who purchases some raffle tickets will be asked to indicate what FC33 player they are Sponsoring.  Each time a player gets a friend, family member, teacher, or associate (or whomever) to make a $20 raffle purchase on their behalf, that player will get $5 credited to their current FC33 account.

(Example:  When a FC33 player “sells”  ten $20 raffle tickets totaling $200, they will have $50 to be able to be applied to their current account.)

The club is excited at this opportunity to raise funds to help keep expenses at a minimum while also offering our members the ability to work off their fee’s by helping to sell raffle tickets.

The FC33CruiseRaffle is all done online.  That insures the easiest way to encourage not just local purchases, but also purchases from friends and family members across the globe.  By simply sharing the LINK to the raffle, you could have hundreds of friends and family members help support your player.

The online raffle is being run thru RallyUp and can be found at this link:

RallyUp will be the organization that selects the winning tickets.  The fundraiser is currently scheduled to end on April 1, 2019.  Anybody is allowed to purchase tickets and could win one or more of the prizes.

Along with the main raffle prize of the Cruise, the club has also secured several other great prizes:

•  5/Day 4/Night Cruise for 2 + $1,000 cash

•  2 Night Stay at 7Springs Mountain Resort + $250 cash

•  Ruger 3314 SR9c 17+1 9mm 3.4” or $300 cash

•  Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22LR Blk Syn w Scope & Case or $250 cash

•  Mossberg 88 Field/Security Combo 12 Gauge or $200 cash

•  $200 Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card

•  $100 Amazon Gift Card

To purchase a Raffle Ticket – 1) visit  2) create a RallyUp account 3) View the Raffle and purchase online.