FC33 ODP Players Chosen

Philippi, January 22 – The FC33 travel soccer club had 9 members selected to represent West Virginia in the Olympic Development Virginia Friendlies Tournament.  The event will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia from February 23rd thru 25th.

The Olympic Development Program (ODP), was the first ever development type academy program created by US Youth Soccer.  This nationwide program boasts participation from every state.  Each state is responsible for discovering and then training the best soccer players in their respective age group.

At the initial state level, players are selected to be part of the West Virginia “pool” of players.  These players are tasked with training together at differing locations throughout the state.  While obtaining high level training from qualified and licensed coaches, each player has the goal of playing well enough to be rostered for ODP events.  The selected players will then attend the event, representing West Virginia ODP.

FC33 is proud to announce that all 9 of our current WV ODP players were chosen to be placed on rosters for the Virginia Friendlies Tournament.  Laney Cole of Charleston (2002G), Carli Cvechko of Belington (2005G), Hayden Dodd of Lake Floyd (2004B), Graylin Floyd of Belington (2004G), Corrine Grabow of Morgantown (2001G), Ethan Gregory of Belington (2004B), Payton Gregory of Belington (2002G), Cloie Mosesso of Philippi (2002G), and Lydia Phillips of Kasson (2004G) are the FC33 players selected to represent WV ODP.

Cloie Mosesso
Corrine Grabow
Hayden Dodd
Ethan Gregory
Graylin Floyd
Payton Gregory
Laney Cole
Lydia Phillips
Carli Cvechko