Spring Season Events

Elkins – Thursday the 19th, the FC33 board met and began to lay out a plan for the Spring Season in regards to the U14 and up age groups.  

The primary leaders of the boys and girls age groups for the Spring are Pat Holguin of WV Wesleyan (Girls) and Matt Reeb of ABU (Boys).  They will be assisted by Bediako Swan and Courtney White.  Both Coach Holguin and Coach Reeb were involved in setting up a schedule that focused on not just team, but also player development.

The Spring season will consist of friendlies, tournaments, WV State Cup, and WV President’s Cup.  The U12 and U10 groups will have a differing schedule than the older groups. 

The objective is to try and play at least one tournament a month (or 1 every 6 weeks) which would probably be out of state.   In regards to tournaments, we’d like to try and play boys and girls at the same event – but that’s not always an option with showcase style tournaments.

Friendlies:  We have already been in contact with several clubs working on dates in March and April to play friendlies.

WV State Cup:  To be able to participate in WV State Cup, a team must also compete in a sanctioned league like WV State League.  FC33 entered the following teams in WV State League:  06/07B, 06/07G, 05/04G, 04/03B, and 03/02G.  We have intentions of entering 02/01B, and 01/00G into the WV Presidents Cup.  (the reason we didn’t initially put them in WV State League is we are currently lite on the numbers, and registration ended last week for that league.  Several players who are playing basketball have sent us info they’re playing this Spring, but haven’t officially registered yet).  

If you know of players who are planning on participating this Spring, but have yet to sign up thru registration on our site, please have them register ASAP.  That will also get them on the uniform list. We currently have approximately 50 players who were selected at tryouts, that haven’t registered yet.

WV President’s Cup:  Again, we are planning on entering 02/01B and 00/01G in the Presidents Cup.  The Presidents Cup has a state qualifier match – the winners then precede directly to the Region Finals which are being held in Barboursville this year.  The Finals will be played in Indiana.

Tournaments:   While the list of tournaments is currently listed below, there are other events that are still being considered.  Our current set up is to have 00/01G, 02/03G, 04/05G, 01/02B, 03/04B play primarily together.  There may be events where certain age groups will play individually and not be combined with another year.  

  •  February 17,18:  President’s Day Showcase, Williamsburg, Va  (2002/2001G – 2003/2004B – 2003/2004G are the 3 teams that were entered in the event.)  Entries were based on responded availability.
  •  March 9, 10, 11:  WV State League for Girls, Location TBD  (06/07Girls, 05/04Girls, 03/02Girls)
  •  March 16, 17, 18:  WV State League for Boys, Location TBD  (06/07Boys, 04/03Boys)
  •  April 7, 8:  Southern Soccer Showcase, Winston-Salem, NC  (this is a girls only event) – 06/07G, 05/04G, 03/02G, 01/00G
  •  April 21,22:  United Coaches Showcase – Central US, Elizabethtown, KY (04/03Boys, 02/01Boys) If there are enough girls interested & available, we can take them to this event as well. If they desire to attend
  •  May 5, 6:  WV State Cup Preliminaries  (06/07Girls, 05/04Girls, 03/02Girls, 06/07Boys, 04/03Boys if needed)
  •  May 19, 20:  WV Open Cup, Barboursville, WV  (00/01Girls, 01/02Boys and other age groups where there’s availability)
  •  May 26, 27, 28:  The Virginian Elite Tournament, DC Metro Area  (06/07Boys, 06/07Girls, 05/04Girls, 04/03Boys, 03/02Girls, 02/01Boys, 01/00Girls)
  •  June 2, 3:  WV State Cup Semi-Finals & Finals, Beckley, WV  (06/07Girls, 05/04Girls, 03/02Girls, 06/07Boys, 04/03Boys – only those teams that qualify)
  •  June 16, 17, 18:  Presidents Cup Regional Finals, Barboursville, WV  (00/01Girls, 01/02Boys) – These two groups may be required to play a state qualifying game in May.

Again, there may be an additional event(s) added to the above list, AND friendlies are not currently listed above.  We also stress that this is our framework and not a final decision.  Not every player will make every roster – coaches will determine their rosters based on players availability and their performance in trainings.   Friendlies will be open to all players.  We also understand the importance of trying to offer at least one tournament to every player, hence we will supplement the above list where needed.

As a club, we wanted to get these initial dates to you in preparation of your Spring plans.  You will receive differing availability question via emails from Affinity, so if available for that specific questioned event – please respond.

We didn’t have enough teams enter the Futbol Freeze for next weekend in Belington, so we will have an “open/pickup” type event in its place.  HS boys and girls – and those middle school players that have ODP on Saturday, will play Friday night at 6:00pm.  U12 and U10 boys and girls will be Saturday at 3:00pm.  Middle School Boys and Girls will be Saturday at 5:00pm.  Cost is $10/player and due when attending.  The event is open to any player interested in attending.  There is no required uniform.