Winter Season Info

The 2017-18 Winter Season of FC33 

The Winter, often referred to as Indoor, Season of FC33 will begin with training the week of November 27.  A full training schedule will be released onto the calendar as the time approaches.  Here is the basic information for the Winter Season:

•  Season will be from Nov 27, 2017 thru the end of February 2018

•  The season is for all players who have been extended an invitation.  The invitation could have come after your Summer tryout or from an upcoming tryout.

•  The upcoming tryout will be on November 11.  The date and times are being worked out currently and will be announced ASAP.

•  If you have already received an invitation to join the Club, you Do Not Have to Attend the November 11th session.

•  For all players who haven’t registered yet with the Club, there will be a $35 registration fee and a $50 Club Fee due when completing the online registration.  The training fee will be determined later and based on the assignment of trainers.  Tournament fee’s will be added at the time of each individual event.  The Club anticipates participating in 5 to 6 Indoor Tournaments.

•  Players who are ONLY playing during the Winter Season, will wear training shirts for uniforms, and are not required to purchase a complete uniform kit.

•  Players who will be playing both Winter and Spring or Spring only will need to purchase a uniform kit.

•  Players who have been participating this Fall will receive an email asking if they’ll be participating in the Winter season and will need to respond.  The Club Fee for Winter is $50.

•  For those upper age players (11v11) who are playing in the Winter and Spring – we will also be having additional training outside on the turf fields when available.  We will look to play in a showcase tournament in January and/or February.

•  Winter training will be rotated weekly thruought the season between gym and indoor facilities in Belington, Buckhannon, and Elkins.  You will need a pair of indoor soccer shoes to coincide with your regular cleats.

•  We are working at obtaining some gym space in Morgantown to offer a weekly Indoor technical training session like we provided this Fall season.

•  Players who are interested in the Spring only season (March thru May) but would like to participate in the outdoor sessions and showcase events in Jan/Feb will need to sign up for both Winter and Spring seasons to be included in those communications.  You will be charged an a la carte fee for the training and showcase events you choose to attend during the Winter season.

•  Coaches for the Indoor Season will be:  Russ Cope, Jenifer Clay, Scott Cutright, Brian Weingart, Courtney White, Ryan McDougall, Bediako Swann, Patrick Holguin, and Matt Reeb.


For those Middle School and High School players who attended the Summer Tryouts and received an invitation – you need to go to the website and register (click on the registration).  This will take you into the affinity software and you’ll go thru the registration process.  You will be required to upload a current head shot photo of the player and their birth certificate.  You’ll be charged a $35 Registration Fee and a $50 Club Fee.

For those players who haven’t attended a tryout and received an invitation – you need to pre-register by filling out the Contact Submission Form on the website, and then attend the Tryout on November 11.  The time and location will be announced soon.  Once you receive an invitation, then you’ll register online.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or problems you may be experiencing regarding the Winter and Spring Soccer Season at [email protected]